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Vacation in rural style

1 day    Pskov
Pskov Kremlin – The Administrative Chamber – Dovmont`s Town – The Holy Trinity Cathedral – The Pokrovsky Complex - The monument to Alexander Nevsky - The monument to Princess Olga- The Pogankin Chambers –  Master-class of Russian doll Matryoshka painting

2 day     Pechory Holy Dormition Monastery , Izborsk fortress, interactive of the rural life
Fortress of the XVI century in Pechory - Pskovo-Pechorsky Monastery of the XV century - Izborsk fortress – Interactive in rural style on farms:
“Helebniy Hutor” Bread Farm - production of bread from flour amaranth, production of gingerbread and healthy sweets, master classes of cooking gingerbreads, milking a cow and chopping wood.
“Selskaya usadba” raspberry farm - raspberry plantations, picking raspberries with your own hands, tasting various raspberries delicacies and drinks from and other berries.
Trout farm - trout fishing, tasting freshly cooked trout.
The ostrich farm is a farm where black African ostriches live, the largest birds on the Earth, and real reindeer. Interactive - farm tractor driving or horse riding

3 day     Pushkin Hills, interactive of the rural life

The estate “Mikhailovskoye” (family estate of Alexander Pushkin) -  the estate “Petrovskoye” (estate of the Hannibals) - The Museum "Pushkin village" (a place where you can immerse into the atmosphere of Russian folk culture and life and find yourself in the magical world of Pushkin's fairy tales)
Price in EURO  from 350  €