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Russia starts here


1 day    Аrrival in St. Petersburg

2 day     St. Petersburg.
Тhis is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Saint Petersburg is truly called the Venice of the North. Known as the cultural capital of Russia.
the Hermitage
Palace Square – The Admiralty - St. Isaac's Cathedral - Kazan Cathedral - Church of the Savior on Blood – The Winter Palace -  Aleksandrovsky Sad (Alexander Garden) - Nevsky Prospect

3 day     Pskov
“Russia starts here” -  The Pskov Region is the birthplace of Princess Olga and Vladimir the Great, christianizer of Rus’, while the Pskovian veche is seen as the beginning of democracy. It was here that the fateful Battle on the Ice took place and last Russian emperor Nicholas II abdicated in 1917. The Pskov Region is a land with a rich historical  and cultural heritage.

The Pskov Kremlin – Dovmont`s Town - Fortress towers - Pokrovsky complex – The Holy Trinity Cathedral – The monument to Alexander Nevsky - The monument to Princess Olga – Pskov temples

4 day     Pechory Holy Dormition Monastery , Izborsk fortress

Fortress of the XVI century in Pechory - Pskovo-Pechorsky Monastery of the XV century - Izborsk fortress - Slovenian Springs

5 day     Pushkin Hills

The estate “Mikhailovskoye” (family estate of Alexander Pushkin), the estate “Trigorskoye” (estate of Pushkin`s friends), Svyatogorsky monastery of the XVI century - the grave of Alexander Pushkin

6 day     St. Petersburg.  Departure